About Brycie

Hi! If you didn't know by now, I'm Brycie Gunderson but my friends and family call me JoJo. I'm sure you're here to for all things lashes but here's a lil about me..
I grew up in a small town in Utah outside Salt Lake City, called Tooele County. I grew up being such a creative, goal setting, makeup junkie with big, big, dreams! When I graduated high school, I went straight to cosmetology school. Attending Aveda Institute in Provo was such a dream for me and that's where I took my very first LASH CLASS. I haven't looked back since!! Lashing was such a challenge for me and let me tell you I LOVE a challenge!! 
I have continued my education over the past 7 years and now I am an educator myself. I love that I get to share my love for lashing with others and show my students why lashing is such an amazing career! I can easily say, it is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life! I have the opportunity of working in one of the BEST industries AND to connect with all of YOU!